15 Stunning Apartment Room Divider Ideas

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15 Stunning Apartment Room Divider Ideas – If you live in an apartment, you know that the space can be limited.

That’s why it’s important to make the most of your home and maximize every inch of it. One way to do this is by dividing a room with a room divider.

A room divider can give your apartment more character and make it feel more spacious—while also keeping certain areas private or used for specific purposes.

15 Stunning Apartment Room Divider Ideas

Double-sided bookcase

A double-sided bookcase is a great way to divide up a small space. If you want to create a library or reading area, this may be the right option for you.

If you want to create a home office, this could be ideal as well. You can also use this type of divider as an entertainment center (or even to showcase some personalized decor).

For example, if you have kids who love playing with toys and games, this would make an excellent place for them to play while still keeping things organized and neat.

This type of divider is especially helpful in large families where there isn’t enough room for everyone’s belongings at once!

Folding screen

A folding screen is a great way to divide a room. It’s flexible, easy to store, and adds privacy and style.

Folding screens are perfect for small apartments because they can be hidden away in closets or cabinets when not in use—and when you need them, they’re ready in seconds!

Sliding doors

The sliding door is a great way to divide a room. If you have an open floor plan, or if you just want a little bit of privacy without closing off the entire room from the other part of your space, a sliding door can be very useful.

You can use it for anything from dividing your living/dining area from your kitchen to creating two separate sleeping areas in one large bedroom.

Floor-to-ceiling curtain

To achieve a seamless look, hang curtains from floor to ceiling. The first step is to find the right rod.

You can use a curtain rod with finials, which are decorative pieces that go on the end of your curtain rods, or you could use a curtain tie back, which is an additional piece that goes behind your curtain and will help keep it in place.

If you aren’t interested in investing in new rods and prefer something more affordable and easy, try using decorative curtain ties instead!

These are often found at craft stores or online for just a few dollars per package—perfect if you’re looking for some quick updates without any major construction work required (just remember not to mix up where each goes).

Upholstered wall

If you have an empty wall that needs some filling, why not turn it into a headboard?

You can do this by hanging a large piece of fabric over a piece of furniture or even just against the wall (with or without nails).

The bonus benefit is that if your kitchen or living room isn’t as private as you’d like, this will give your guests something else to look at while they’re visiting.

If it’s privacy for your bedroom that really matters, try using curtains instead of traditional doors and windows.

Curtains are easier to open and close than actual doors, so if someone comes in without knocking it won’t be too much trouble for them to get out again once they realize their mistake!

Room divider slats

You can create a room divider using slats. Slats are the horizontal pieces of wood that make up a fence and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can use them to divide a room or create an area within the same space! They’re also great for creating walls between two rooms.

All you need is a hammer and nails (or drill if you’re using plastic) and lots of patience for assembly because often these projects take time and multiple people putting together the pieces by hand.


We hope that these ideas help you figure out how best to divide a room in your apartment.

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