7 Brilliant Bookcase Room Divider Ideas

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7 Brilliant Bookcase Room Divider Ideas – I love bookcases. They can be used to divide a room, add storage, and hide clutter.

They come in all different sizes, too! In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to use bookcases as room dividers in your home.

7 Brilliant Bookcase Room Divider Ideas

1. Rolling Library Ladder

One of the most versatile and accessible room dividers is a ladder. It can be used to divide a small space, like an entryway or between two rooms, or it can be placed in an empty corner where you need more room to spread out your belongings.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more storage capabilities, try using two ladders back-to-back with some bookshelves in between them.

This will not only provide extra storage space for all your items but also create a great place for reading or watching television on rainy days!

2. Simple, Sturdy Room Divider

You’ll want your bookcase room divider to be sturdy and strong, but also easy to assemble, disassemble and move around.

You may even need a room divider that doubles as a storage unit for some of your books.

3. Double Duty Bookcase Room Divider

Make sure the bookcase is sturdy. A good rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t move around easily when you put pressure on it.

Choose a bookcase that’s the right height for your space. If you want to use a taller piece, be sure there’s enough clearance between your ceiling and the top of your headboard so you don’t bump into it every time you sit up in bed!

Use deep shelves if possible; they’re great for storing items like towels or blankets when stacked neatly on top of one another (see image below).

You can also tuck things into cubbies or lower shelves if those areas are large enough, but don’t worry too much about messing up their appearance—they’ll get hidden by curtains anyway!

4. Industrial Style Metal Bookcase Room Divider

This metal bookcase room divider has a great industrial vibe, and it’s not just for looks. As a DIY project, you can easily get this look at home—no need to visit your local thrift store or flea market!

5. Farmhouse Style Ivy Bookcase Room Divider

What if you could take the beauty of ivy and use it to decorate your bookcase room divider?

This is a great way to add some natural elements into your home, while also making sure that the books can be kept in their proper place.

First, start by purchasing an ivy plant. If you don’t have access to one at home or work, try looking for one nearby! Next, pick out a nice pot or container for the plant and fill it with soil. Then insert the plant into its new home!

6. White Wood Floating Bookshelf Room Divider

One of the most popular ways to divide a room is with a bookcase, but they’re not always easy to find!

If you have an extra shelf in your garage or attic and can make it look good enough, this might be the best option for you.

Just make sure that your bookcase is sturdy enough to hold the weight of whatever books you plan to put on it—and don’t overstuff it!

Over-stuffing will cause sagging shelves and possibly even some damage if too many heavy books are used for support (yes, this has happened).

Make sure that any taller than average novels are leaning against something else so they don’t fall out when someone opens them up either—you’d hate for someone’s head to get squashed by an unexpected falling object

Bookcases are a great way to divide a space and add storage, too!

Bookcases are a great way to divide a space and add storage, too! Bookcases are versatile, and can be used in many different ways.

They’re great for creating privacy between sitting areas or bedrooms. You can even use them as walls to separate an open floor plan into smaller rooms.

Bookcases come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles so you’ll have no problem finding one to match your room’s decorating theme.


We hope this post has been helpful in your search for the perfect bookcase room divider. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!