Designing a small shed house interior: What are the best interior design ideas?

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A small shed house is great because it’s easy to decorate. It’s functional, compact, and can be decorated in any way that you want.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to interior design, your tiny house might end up looking like a prison cell instead of a cozy little home. So how do you go about designing a small shed house interior?

Designing a small shed house interior What are the best interior design ideas

This is the trickiest aspect to get right.

For a tiny house, with everything in one room, this is the trickiest aspect to get right. A good place to start is by thinking about what you need to store and how you will use the space.

If you’re living on your own and are only going to be using your small shed house as a weekend retreat from city life, then chances are that the bulk of your belongings won’t be staying there very often.

If this sounds like you (and let’s face it: most of us fall into this category), then designing a small shed house interior should be less stressful than if it were full time living space for more people or pets.

You can actually get away with just getting some shelves in place and storing any bulky items in boxes rather than cupboards or drawers. The beauty of having such little storage space is that everything has its place!

White Walls for Small Shed House Interior

The best option for a small shed house is white walls. White walls create the feeling of spaciousness, which makes it feel bigger than it actually is. They are also easier to clean and decorate with compared to other colors.

User white or clear furniture.

  • Furniture should be either white or clear, again so as not to distract from the space. White and wood are a great choice because they’re neutral, but clear furniture would also do the job. Make sure all of your furnishings have a clear or white surface so that they don’t distract from the space.
  • Use glass for tables and cabinets. Glass will reflect light from outside into your small shed house interior, giving it more of an open feeling. It’ll also let you see through them to any other room in your shed house interior, which creates a feeling of openness and connectedness between rooms that would otherwise feel closed off from each other (like bathrooms).
Shed House Interior Design with White Furniture
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Create a spacious small shed

A small shed should be designed so that every element is available at all times, with nothing put away when not in use. The idea is to create a feeling of spaciousness and added light. Furniture should be designed so that it can be used for multiple purposes, for example as a seating area or table top, or as storage space if necessary.

spacious small shed house interior design
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Furniture should also be designed to be easily moved around the house so that you don’t have any restrictions on where you can place it and how much room there is between each item of furniture.

Spacious Small Shed Homes Interior Design with Kitchen
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The furniture should be made from solid wood, preferably hardwood such as oak or mahogany which are both extremely durable materials that will last longer than cheaper alternatives such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This will give your home more longevity and durability by allowing it last longer with fewer repairs needed over time due to damage caused by wear & tear over usage (e.g., scratches).

Most of the walls should be absent of decoration, save for one or two that are hung with mirrors.

Mirrors are a great way to make the space seem bigger. They also help reflect natural light, so they’re perfect for rooms that need extra lighting. A mirror can reflect your favorite things, like art or photos of loved ones.

Modern Shed House Interior Design Ideas
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It can also reflect a beautiful view outside the window of your shed house interior so that you can enjoy it even when it’s not visible through glass panes. Mirrors also have the ability to reflect colors and patterns in unique ways that can add warmth and personality to any room!


As you can see from these tips and tricks, it’s not as hard to design a small shed house interior as you might think. With the right amount of planning and attention to detail, any one of us can create a beautiful home for ourselves.