15 Awesome Industrial Modern Living Room Ideas

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There is a lot of personality in this industrial modern living room design. The bold colors and patterns are so fun to look at and it makes you feel like you’re in the perfect place to relax.

The hanging lights make the room feel like an actual den, but they also look like they could be a cage.

I love that this room has so many different elements going on all at once while still being cohesive as one whole room!

15 Awesome Industrial Modern Living Room Ideas

The industrial elements in this room are so perfect and the modern vibe is awesome.

The combination of industrial and modern elements is trending right now, and for good reason!

This combination creates a look that’s both stylish and comfortable—a great match for any living space.

You can incorporate some of these pieces into your home with ease to create an inviting interior design that will last you years to come.

I love the hanging cage lights because they are super trendy right now.

Hanging cage lights are super trendy right now! They’re a great way to add lots of light, color and character to any room.

When decorating your living room, it’s important to consider how much natural light will be coming in from the windows.

If there is not enough natural light, you may want to invest in some overhead lighting or another type of lighting source for your living space.

The monotone on the walls is so calming and relaxing.

While it may seem like a boring choice, using one color on the walls is actually really calming and relaxing.

It can also be used to create a very traditional or very modern look. This living room demonstrates how beautiful it can be to use one color on your walls.

The plants add a natural element to this space.

In this space, the plants add a natural element to the room. They’re not just decorative; they do their part to improve the air quality by cleaning it and adding oxygen back into our atmosphere.

The rug is such a fun pop of color to really make this space amazing.

We love this area rug because it’s so bright and colorful. It adds a fun pop of color to the space, which is especially important given how industrial the rest of the room looks.

But more than that, it also serves as a nice contrast between the black furniture and white walls.

The rug gives this room some much-needed warmth, but still keeps things from looking too formal or stiff. We think that’s what makes it work so well in this industrial living room!


With these industrial modern living room ideas, you can create a space that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

There are so many different pieces that all come together to create a great look for your home.