The Best 8 Interior Door Color Trends in 2022

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The Best 8 Interior Door Color Trends in 2022 – Interior doors are the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine through.

The door color you choose should reflect your style and taste, while also creating a cohesive look throughout the rest of your home.

A warm yellow door will give any room a sunny feel while black or white doors can brighten up any space.

When choosing an interior door color for 2022 and beyond, it’s important to select a hue that will make the room feel larger, brighter, more relaxing or more inviting.

You can use this guide to select a color that will complement your new door perfectly.

The Best 8 Interior Door Color Trends in 2022


Yellow is the hottest new paint color trend. If you want to make a big statement in your home, this color will do it.

It’s also versatile and can be used in any room of the house, whether it’s the kitchen door, bathroom door or bedroom door.

Yellow is also an excellent choice for hallways and closets because it makes an entrance feel larger than it is by adding light to a space that may otherwise be dark and narrow in appearance.

The same goes for laundry rooms—the brightness of yellow brings attention to the room while providing an uplifting vibe that keeps things from becoming dreary or dull!

Bright orange .

In case you haven’t noticed, the color of your interior doors can make a big difference in how your space looks and feels.

If you’re looking for new door colors to try out, bright orange may be the perfect choice for you.

Bright orange may not be the first color to think of when choosing your door color.

Bright orange is associated with happiness and warmth—and it’s also a great way to add color without getting too crazy.

Since bright orange is similar to red and yellow on the color wheel, it doesn’t clash with many other colors in your home decor scheme.

Plus, if it doesn’t work out as planned, there are plenty of other options since this is such a versatile hue!


Turquoise is a great color for a bedroom or bathroom door.

It’s an excellent choice because turquoise can have a calming effect, which is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you have a bathroom, consider painting your bathroom door turquoise to help hide dirt and make it look nice.

As for choosing turquoise as a bedroom door color, it will create an inviting atmosphere that helps promote relaxation.

Light Blue.

Light blue is the perfect interior door color if you want to create a calm, gentle, relaxing feeling in your home.

It’s also a great choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms, but works especially well in living rooms where it can help create an ambiance that makes guests feel welcome and comfortable.


Gray has been a paint color trend for several years now, and it’s still on-trend for 2022.

Gray is a neutral color that works well with many other colors. It can be used to create an elegant look or as a backdrop to bold colors.

Gray is also an option when you want a little more interest than white but don’t want the intensity of black.

Gray is great for an office door because it adds sophistication without being too formal or corporate-looking.

The right shade of gray will make your office seem larger than it really is and give you the feeling that you are in control of your space (even if you aren’t).

Dark Green.

Dark green is a great choice for any room that needs a little color.

This rich, dark green almost looks like real wood but it’s actually painted. It works well in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

If you want to add a bit of warmth to your laundry room or office, this will give you the effect without making it feel closed off from the rest of your home.


Black is a bold choice for an interior door and this dark hue looks great with almost any wall and flooring colors.

This color is also a good choice for hallway doors, bathrooms and bedrooms since it doesn’t show dirt easily.


White interior doors provide an easy way to brighten up a room and make the space feel larger than it is.

White can be used to create a calming, relaxing space, or as a contrast against darker elements within the room (like black-stained wood).

In particular, white is a great choice for an interior door as it’s versatile enough to work with any style of house or apartment.

It can make your entryway look more modern and spacious, add visual interest to dark hallways by reflecting light from windows onto walls and giving them more dimension, or simply give you a feeling of warmth in winter when paired with rich wood tones.


When you’re thinking about which color to paint your next interior door, there are many great choices. Which one will work best for your home?

Try some of those colors on a small test area and see how they look in person before making a final decision!