15 Cute Newborn Baby Room Decorating Ideas

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15 Cute Newborn Baby Room Decorating Ideas – Babies are the most precious beings in the world, and they deserve the best.

You want to make them feel special and comfortable, but you also have to keep up with all their needs.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that their room looks just as nice as they do! Fortunately, decorating a newborn baby room isn’t as hard as it might seem at first glance.

Think about what kind of colors you’d like her room to be filled with (pastels or bolder shades?), whether she’ll need extra storage for clothes and blankets or just toys on shelves that she can reach herself (or maybe both), how many windows there will be.

These are all things that will help ensure your little one has everything she needs without being overwhelmed by too much stuff around her bed at once. Let’s get started!

15 Cute Newborn Baby Room Decorating Ideas


Carpeting is a great choice for a baby’s room. It’s soft, comfortable and easy to clean.

Carpets will also help absorb any spills or messes that might occur in the room, keeping your flooring clean and dry.

If you choose carpeting, make sure it’s easy to remove if needed since babies are always on the move!

Decorate the Walls

  • Use a neutral color for the walls.

Choose a color that will be easy to decorate with and change, even if you don’t plan on doing so. This can include white, cream or beige.

  • Add a border to the walls.

Borders are great because they give you an opportunity to add some dimension to your room without having to paint over all of your walls! You can find ready-made borders at most home improvement stores or online if you want something custom made just for your baby’s nursery!

  • Add framed pictures of family members or special moments in time (such as baby’s first smile).

There are many ways that this could be done including buying pre-made frames with openings already built into them specifically designed for photos.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are the easiest way to add some privacy and decor to your baby’s room. You can choose between blinds, curtains or a combination of both.

If you have a large window that needs covering, consider using two different types of window treatments in order to create a layered look that will help keep the light out of your baby’s eyes while still allowing him or her to see outside.

The most important thing about choosing window treatments is making sure they’ve got enough fabric so as not obscure your view into the nursery.

That way if you need quick access for safety reasons—like when you’re checking on whether or not there’s an actual fire blazing in there.

You’ll be able to do so without having to wrestle with annoying drapery rods or awkwardly positioned shutters.

Create a Corner

The corner is a great place to start when you’re decorating your baby’s room. The warm, cozy feeling of a space where the walls meet will create a sense of comfort and security for your little one.

Corner ideas can range from simple to elaborate:

  • Add colorful wall art at each corner.
  • Hang up some curtains or drapes in one corner, or even just add some fun door hooks so that the room looks like it has its own entrance!
  • Fill up another corner with bookshelves and toys, so your baby can explore as she grows older.

Add Storage

Storage is important for organizing things. Make sure there’s a place to store diapers and wipes, as well as toys and clothes.

You may also need a place to keep blankets, burp cloths, and/or your changing table.

Create a calm and organized space for your baby.

Keep the room as calm and organized as possible so that your newborn will feel comfortable in it.

Use a neutral color scheme, calming color scheme, soothing color scheme, bright color scheme or pastel color scheme to create the nursery space you desire!


With the right color and theme, your baby’s room will be a welcoming place for them to grow up in.

You can also add some fun touches that reflect their personality or interests when they get older.