15 Brilliant Old Window Wall Decor Ideas

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15 Brilliant Old Window Wall Decor Ideas – I love old windows. You can find them at salvage yards or antique stores and they can be used in a variety of ways.

I like the idea of using an old window as wall decor, but there are some things that you need to consider before doing this project yourself.

15 Brilliant Old Window Wall Decor Ideas

Old window wall decor is a great way to give old windows a new life.

When you have an old window that is no longer in use, or if it has been damaged, consider how you can reuse it instead of throwing it away.

Here are some ideas for how to recycle your old window:

  • Old windows can be used as wall decor.
  • Old windows can be used as a headboard for your bed.
  • You can use an old window as a table top, shelf or countertop if it doesn’t already have one attached to the glass in front of the frame (this may require additional work depending on each individual piece).

Every window that isn’t repurposed gets tossed into the landfill.

While you may not have considered it a priority to reuse old windows, they can be a useful addition to your home.

If you’re considering buying new windows but would like the look of old ones, consider repurposing those that are no longer in use.

The total number of used windows that end up being recycled or reused is unclear.

However, it’s estimated that over 1 million tons of glass get thrown away each year—an enormous amount when you consider how many could be saved by recycling them instead!

So why don’t they? One reason is because recycling requires time and energy from the person doing it (or rather from someone else).

Another reason is because most people don’t know how easy it can be.

If you’re interested in recycling them yourself and making your home look amazing at the same time, here are some simple steps:

Use the old window as a piece of art.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can also use the old window as a piece of art. This is a great way to repurpose old windows and give them new life in your home. Plus, it’s super easy!

All you need is some paint or stain and an empty wall. First, clean off the glass from inside and out with glass cleaner or vinegar (no need for Windex).

Then seal any remaining dust with painter’s tape so nothing gets on your project while painting/staining.

Finally, choose your design—tape off whatever area will be painted or stained so that it doesn’t get messy later on—and go wild!

They are very lightweight and don’t require any special anchoring.

You can just peel them off the backing and hang them on the wall like regular posters, but they’re even better if you use 3M mounting strips to secure them to your walls.

This makes it easy for you to move them around as needed, or take them down when necessary.

Additionally, there’s no need to worry about sharp edges because of how the window panes are cut out by hand with a saw blade at different angles so that they fit together perfectly without showing any cuts on either side of the pane itself.

It is easy to hang and move around with 3M mounting strips.

For those who are not quite ready to commit to a permanent fixture, 3M mounting strips are a great option.

They’re strong, easy to install and remove, and can be used on any surface.

While the adhesives used in this product work best on flat surfaces such as glass or wood panels, they will also stick well to many types of other materials including metal and plastic.

The 3M Command Strip comes with two sets of four hooks; each set includes one large hook (approximately 1-1/2″ x .75″) and three small ones (approximately .5″ x .5″).

The large hooks are recommended for heavier items while the smaller ones could be used to hold lighter objects like paintings or small sculptures.

You’ll need at least one large hook if you’re working with artwork that has some weight behind it; otherwise you may have trouble hanging your piece securely on just two small hooks!

You don’t have to worry about the edges of the window being sharp from broken glass or old putty or paint.

You can use a utility knife, scraper, sandpaper and sander to remove paint and putty on your antique windows.

If you are really into removing old paint with ease, you should consider getting an electric heat gun for this purpose.


It’s a good way to reuse old windows. It’s also cost effective, easy to do, and can be done in a short amount of time.

I really like this idea and think it’s a great way to repurpose old windows. It’s a nice way to preserve them without having them take up any space in your home.

And if you can’t find an old window that works for what you want, there are plenty of companies who sell them new!