6 Smart Tips to Organize Small Pantry Ideas

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6 Smart Tips to Organize Small Pantry Ideas – Pantries are great ways to store food, but they’re not always as functional as they could be.

Here are some small pantry ideas that will help you organize your space and make it easier to get things out when you need them.

6 Smart Tips to Organize Small Pantry Ideas

Create More Space

To help you make the most of every inch of space, here are some unique pantry ideas to get you thinking:

  • Use the back of doors. Put small jars on the back of your pantry door and use them to store things like spices or salt and pepper. This way, they won’t take up much room on your shelf but will still be handy when cooking.
  • Put wooden crates under shelves. Wooden crates can be used as storage containers for items such as pasta or canned goods that might otherwise roll around in your pantry if left loose on a shelf.
  • Store smaller items in baskets hanging from hooks mounted to the top of cabinets or pegboard strips attached vertically inside cabinets (or both). It’s a great way to utilize vertical space without taking away valuable horizontal storage areas!

Keep Things Visible

You can make your pantry more organized by keeping things visible. Use shelves and bins to organize products in an orderly manner.

Some people also choose to use labels to identify items, which is another way of keeping things visible.

Color coding can be used as well; for example, you could use different colored containers for different types of food or ingredients (e.g., red containers for spices).

Baskets and organizers work well too because they help keep your pantry looking neat while still providing easy access to the items you need most often!

Use Baskets and Organizers

  • Use baskets to organize items.

Baskets are a great way to keep food and kitchen items organized, especially if they have handles.

You can use them to store cereal, pastas, beans and other dry goods. You can also use them for utensils such as spoons or spatulas—or even in the bathroom for toiletries!

  • Use bins to organize items.

Bins are another great way to keep things organized inside your pantry.

They’re great for storing cereals, pasta and other dry goods because they have lids that keep bugs out of the food while keeping it fresh longer than unopened bags would do on their own.

Think Outside the Box

The pantry is an essential part of your kitchen.

It’s where you keep all of your food, and it should be neat and organized so that you can easily see what’s in there.

You don’t want to waste time looking through unorganized shelves for items when you could be using that time cooking something delicious!

Here are some simple tips for organizing small pantry ideas:

  • Use a shoe rack to organize canned goods. You can also use the wire racks from an old closet organizer system as well. Just make sure they’re stable enough to hold heavy items like soup cans or pasta boxes. This way, everything will be visible at once instead of having them stacked on top of each other on one shelf only accessible by reaching high above your head!
  • Use pegboards on walls (or even inside cabinets) to hang spices in small clusters according to type—this makes finding what you need faster than searching through individual jars every time something goes wrong with dinner plans!

Decant Products Into Jars

You can also use jars to organize your spices, dry goods and food items.

You can decant products into jars and use them to store things like pasta, rice and spices.

There are many different types of jars available in the market today.

The other great thing about using glass jars is that they are reusable and durable too!

If you don’t want to throw away old ones, then you have the option of reusing them instead.

Make Use of the Back of Doors

Many people have the same problem: The pantry door is something of a dead zone.

It’s there, and it does its job, but most of us don’t think about what else we could do with that space.

One common solution is to hang spice racks or magnetic knife strips on the back of doors.

This works especially well if you have limited counter space in your kitchen – these items take up no room at all!

You can also hang a pegboard or magnetic strip organizer on the back of your pantry door to organize items like measuring spoons or plastic bags (you don’t want either one getting lost in piles!).

Finally, consider hanging towels or dishrags above your sink area—they’re both actually quite handy when you need them!

With a little effort, you can make your pantry easily accessible.

Organizing your small pantry is a breeze. The key is to think outside the box and use baskets, organizers, and containers to make your pantry easily accessible.


The key to organizing your pantry is to take it one step at a time. Don’t try to do everything at once!

Instead, focus on one area of the pantry at a time and make sure that it is well organized before moving on to the next section.