8 DIY Outside Brick Wall Decoration Ideas

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8 DIY Outside Brick Wall Decoration Ideas – While you may be more likely to think of inside decorating when it comes to your home’s curb appeal, there are actually plenty of ways to improve the look of your outside brick wall decoration.

From adding color and plants to outdoor lighting and a window box garden, these easy DIY projects will transform your yard into something worthy of envy—and make you wonder why anyone would consider brick a boring building material!

8 Ways for Outside Brick Wall Decoration Ideas

Add a pop of color.

A splash of color can be used to add a pop of excitement to your home. Whether you choose a bold or pastel color, bright or muted, the choice is yours!

Here are some ideas for choosing the correct shade:

  • Use a bright color to add depth to your home. For example, if you have dark brown furniture and accessories, try painting the brick wall in a soft yellow. It will be like having natural light coming into your living room all day long!
  • Choose something that matches the style of your home. If you’re going for an industrial look, gray would be perfect. If you want something more modern and sleek, silver would work great too!
  • Contrasting colors can bring out certain features of the brick wall while making others less noticeable (or even invisible). For example; white will make small cracks stand out on dark colored bricks while making large holes less visible in lighter ones

Mount planters.

You can turn your brick wall into a green wall by mounting planters on it.

The most popular way to do this is to mount two planters on the wall, one above another, so that you have a vertical garden.

Another option is to mount several planter boxes in a row. This will create a hanging garden effect that can be easily viewed from inside your home or outside your window.

If you have an existing flower box around your front door, consider simply removing the flowers from it and replacing them with smaller plants instead!

If you want to keep the same aesthetic as before but add some greenery, use artificial flowers instead–they’re easier than real ones because they don’t require watering or sunlight (though they won’t last forever).

Install wall-mounted lanterns.

When installing lights on brick, be sure that they are mounted securely and to a stud, not just the brick itself.

For example, if you’re planning to mount lights inside or outside your wall, follow these guidelines:

  • Mount lights horizontally when possible (this helps prevent them from falling off).
  • Use a stud finder to determine where you should place your holes for mounting before drilling into your bricks.

Hang outdoor art.

When you hang art in an outdoor space, think about how it will be viewed. The best place to hang art is on a wall that’s visible from the street.

If you have a brick wall, this isn’t much of an issue since brick is inherently interesting and will draw people in.

You can purchase outdoor art that resembles bricks or build your own using concrete blocks, then paint them with bright colors for decoration.

When choosing what kind of art to hang outdoors, make sure it’s weather resistant (or at least durable).

There are plenty of sturdy pieces out there made from cement or metal that won’t rust after being exposed to rain and sun for months—even years!

Hang outdoor string lights.

String lights are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home, and they can be used in many different places.

You can hang them above the door, or in front of the door. You can also hang them above the patio or the deck.

If you decide to hang string lights around your home, we recommend using a remote control so that you can turn them on and off easily.

Cement your pathway.

One of the best ways to personalize your own little slice of paradise is to cement your pathway.

Cement is durable, cost effective and can be done on a budget. You can do it alone – or with help from friends and family – in just one weekend.

A cement pathway also gives you the added benefit of not having to worry about digging up grass every time you want to mow the lawn!

Add a decorative mailbox or house numbers.

Mailboxes are an important part of many homes. They’re a fundamental part of receiving mail, but they can also be a decorative feature.

If you’ve ever lived in an area with limited mailbox options, you know how important it is to find one that fits your home’s style and meets all of your particular needs.

Mailboxes are commonly made from metal or plastic, so make sure yours is sturdy and secure enough to withstand weather conditions.

A wide variety of colors and styles are available for mailboxes, including bright colors like red or green that make it easy for delivery people to see them from afar; muted shades like tan or black; and even natural materials like stone or wood if you prefer something more rustic looking in keeping with your other decorating choices!

If you have pets on your front porch (or even if not), consider buying a mailbox that allows easy access for mail carriers—it’ll make things much easier when they come by each day!

If possible try installing one where there’s already some space between two sections at ground level rather than building new foundations just yet (but keep those plans handy just in case).

Create a window box garden.

Planting window boxes is a great way to add color and life to your home. Window boxes can be used for a variety of plants, including flowering plants.

Window boxes can be made from wood, metal or plastic. In order to secure the window box in place on your brick wall, you should use screws that are long enough to penetrate all the way through both sides of the brick without being visible from either side (unless you want them visible).

As always, check your local building code before installing any type of accessory on an exterior wall in order to ensure compliance with local regulations.


Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for outside brick wall decoration ideas.

Whether you choose to go rustic with a front porch makeover or build a full-on deck, there are lots of ways to make your outside brick wall decorating ideas come alive.

The important thing is that you start with something small and manageable so that when you finish it will be the perfect place for relaxing.