The 5 Ultimate Guide to Create Clever Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

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When you are trying to find clever storage ideas for small apartments, it’s important to figure out what you can get rid of. If you have too much stuff and not enough space, then everything will feel cluttered and chaotic.

For example, if your desk is covered with piles of papers, then even if there is a lot of room in the room itself, it won’t feel like there’s much space because everything feels crowded by all those papers on the desk.

If you want more storage in your small apartment, then don’t be afraid to go up rather than out or over! Use bookshelves on top of closet doors or windowsills for additional storage space that doesn’t take up any floor space at all!

The 5 Ultimate Guide to Create Clever Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Don’t ignore underutilized areas like closets or even underused walls in certain rooms (e.g., bedrooms) where there might actually be plenty of room for extra shelves! These areas might seem useless at first glance but could potentially provide more room for everything from clothing racks to shoe racks without taking up too much space around them either.

Don’t be afraid to go vertical

Don’t be afraid to go vertical when you’re looking for clever storage ideas for small apartments. There are plenty of ways that you can use your walls, cabinets and other vertical surfaces to create space where there was none before.

  • Use the walls around your bed as a bookshelf.
  • Hang up hooks on the wall near the front door for coats and bags.
Smart Kitchen Storage for Small Apartments
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  • Place a shelf above your kitchen sink so that you have somewhere to store all those containers of spices that come in pretty packaging but take up way too much room in cabinets or drawers otherwise.

No space is too small to use

  • Under the Bed

The beds in many apartments are high enough that you can stack boxes underneath them. If your bed is short, however, you’ll need to store items on the sides of it or underneath it.

Smart Storage Under The Bed for Small Apartments
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  • Use a Shoe Rack

If you have lots of shoes but not much room for them (or no closet at all), consider investing in a shoe rack. It doesn’t have to be expensive; there are many options available at your local Target or Walmart.

Space Saving Shoes Storage for Small Apartments
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Shoe racks take up very little space while offering maximum storage capacity if they’re properly organized. You can also use some sort of basket organizer if the idea of having all the shoes out in the open makes you nervous—just make sure that they’re well-organized so that each pair can be easily located when needed!

Use your windows as storage space

Windows. They’re the best thing about a small apartment, right? Well, they can also be used as storage space!

  • Use a curtain rod with hooks: Hang hooks along the length of your window frame to store things like hats, bags and coats. You can even use them for plants if you want to add some greenery to your home.
  • Use a curtain rod with a shelf: Attach shelves to your windows and fill them with books or decor pieces that you don’t have room for elsewhere in your apartment (like this cute little succulent one). This is especially useful if you have hardwood floors because it’ll keep things from being knocked over by pets or kids running around playing games outside their rooms (like these adorable puppies who are definitely not trying to escape).
Space Saving Window with Storage for Small Apartments
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  • Use a curtain rod with baskets/​trays/​plants: Obviously these aren’t just for hanging up clothes anymore—they’re great for storing toys too! Or maybe shoes if you live in an area where it gets really hot during summer months but not cold enough during winter months when snow falls outside every day until June hits us again next year when we hope hurricanes hit Florida instead.”

Create storage by not having storage

While you may not have the luxury of a large home, it’s possible to have a small apartment that has good storage. It won’t be as easy as just buying some extra cabinets and shelving units.

But if you are willing to get creative with your space and think outside of the box, then you can make sure that all of your items are neatly organized and stored away.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Apartments
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Get rid of as much excess junk as possible without being tempted to throw away something that might be useful someday (you know how hard it is not to do this).

When deciding which items should stay or go; consider whether they’re going anywhere soon (a vacation?), whether someone else could use them (a friend?), or whether having them around makes life easier overall (like kitchen tools).

Space Saving Storage Ideas for Small Apartments
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If an object doesn’t fit into one of those categories then the best thing would probably just be getting rid of it–even if it means selling some things online!

Transform your closet into an office

If you don’t have room for a separate office, you can use your closet. A closet organizer with drawers and shelves is the perfect tool for storing all of your work supplies in one place.

closet organizers and storage ideas
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A hanging system is also a great way to organize small items like pens, pencils and markers. You may even be able to fit a desk in there if you take out the hanging clothes!


We hope this guide has been helpful for you in finding clever ways to store your belongings. If you have any other ideas about what we might have missed, feel free to let us know in the comments!