13 Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

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13 Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room – You can use old furniture in your living room for toy storage. It’s easy to find items that are already in your home and will save you money on new furniture.

Use creative ideas to make a functional toy box out of an old cabinet or closet door. A small bookshelf with baskets underneath is a great option too!

Make sure the furniture has enough storage space before buying or finding one that does! Also make sure it’s easy to clean up spills or messes because kid’s toys are messy!

13 Toy Storage Ideas For Living Room

Toy Box Seating

There are many ways to use a toy box for storage. You can use it as a seat and place toys in the top of it, or you can have it be used as a coffee table.

In our case, we decided that we wanted to keep things simple and only have one piece of furniture for all of our son’s toys.

This way, he would still be able to play with his toys and also have room for guests to sit down if needed!

For easier clean-up when putting away after playtime, consider using baskets instead of bins so that toys don’t get lost behind closed lids or end up on the floor under them when they fall out along with other items in the bin (this happened quite often).

Re-purpose an End Table

You can also use an end table to store toys. You can put a drawer or shelf in the end table and then use it to store your kids’ toys.

If you don’t have any room for a second piece of furniture, try using a basket or bin instead!

If you want something even more compact, try using a box!

You could cut out holes in the top so that your little one can reach their favorite toys without having to open up the whole thing (just make sure they don’t get into anything dangerous).

Another option would be to buy yourself a shelf with holes at the top so that your kids can easily access their most played-with pieces without wasting space by opening up each individual container.

This is also great if they tend not to clean themselves up after playing with them because they won’t have far-away places where there are no visible piles of used items left behind from playtime sessions gone by.


A bookcase can be a great addition to your living room, but not just for books. A bookcase is also perfect for storing toys and games, as it makes them easy to access.

This is especially helpful if you’re hosting children’s parties or family gatherings.

If you don’t have enough space for a separate toy box, consider using shelves in your living room instead! You can never have too much storage space where playing is concerned!

Hang a Basket from the Ceiling

  • Use a sturdy rope.

If you’re hanging the basket from the ceiling of your living room, it’s important that you use something strong enough to hold it up there.

Any rope will work, but make sure it has some weight to it so that when you hang the basket in place, it stays put and doesn’t fall down.

  • Use a strong hook.

You want to make sure that whatever kind of hook you use can handle the weight of whatever storage item—or items—you plan on hanging inside the basket.

For example, if toy cars are going into the basket and they weigh ten pounds each (a reasonable estimate), then make sure your hook can handle at least 100 pounds before putting too much stress on other parts such as joists or beams in your ceiling structure!

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to store toys, especially those that are not in use. Not only can you easily access and clean them, but it also allows for easy display of these objects.

You can show off your collection in a very aesthetically pleasing way without taking up much space.